Twelve Week Courses Start Monday!

twelveIt’s not too late to register for 12 week courses that start on Monday (September 22). There’s a pretty wide variety of courses open at this point:

  • BUS 110 – Personal Money Management
  • CEP 101 – Career & Educational Planning
  • CRJ 122 – Intro Emergency Management
  • FPT 101 – Intro to Food Processing Tech
  • HUR 101 – Human Relations 1 (Warsaw)
  • LIT 213 – Science Fiction (Online)
  • MUS 203 – Hist Rock & Roll: Blues & Beyond (Albion)

Of course, 12 week courses are faster paced than the full semester course, but nowhere near as fast as an 8 week class — and there are a bunch of those starting on October 20. More about those later!

This is an opportunity to talk to an adviser, especially if you’re kind of drowning in one of your courses. You can get out of that going-to-be-awful course and into something new — you can save a ding to your Grade Point Average and make the entire semester better. Dropping and adding another course may take some help of an adviser… don’t hesitate to ask for help!

The full list of 12 week courses is available here: Although, check that list carefully — there are courses in Batavia, Warsaw, Albion, and online in that list… so don’t sign up for a course in Warsaw by accident! (Although you’re welcome to do it on purpose!)



Woo hoo! Time to Celebrate!


Happy New Year!

I’m hauling out the celebration-kitty to celebrate the 500th post on this blog!

Yay, me!

The blog originally started as a “walk the talk” for one of our professional development courses. I was teaching about social media and needed to have something to actually show for it. It quickly took on a life of its own, and has been here now for a long time! Since January of 2010, to be exact!

I’ve talked about technology, Genesee things and events, business process and even some personal things. So the content has been pretty eclectic over the years.

I suspect it’ll stay that way!  ::grin::

Many thanks to those of you who have followed me for a long time and welcome to the newer folk! I hope you’ve found it as fun and useful as I have over the years! Here’s looking to the next 100 posts!


When in doubt – clear cache!

… and reboot!

Now… for some context.

bb-logo2The Blackboard update we did in July has fixed some things and broken others. That’s always a given, when you do a software update.

We’re keeping an eye on the servers and find we need to reboot the servers a tad more often than we like. We’re working on fixing that but, in the meantime, you can do some basic troubleshooting by clearing the cache in your browser when you encounter Blackboard issues.

Here’s how:

Additionally, when given a time frame for the clearing (for example, Firefox default is only for the last hour), make the time “Everything” or “Forever” (or whatever really long time period is available) to make sure you clear out all of the cache.

And then, because if you’re anything like me, you really never do this, reboot your computer.

If nothing else, it may speed up your computer in general.

Couple other things you should be aware of:

Make an exception for GCC in your pop-up blocker. Here’s how:  (Replace “*” with “*” and “” with “”)

Make sure your operating system and browser combination is compatible with Blackboard. Find compatible configurations here:

That should help keep your system and your Blackboard interactions working more smoothly.

One Week Down!

It’s finally Friday of the first week of classes… it’s been a month this week!

TiredAlthough, it’s been a relatively decent week. Couple of little things have gone bump in the night, but usually there have been more students needing help with usernames and passwords or more faculty looking for Blackboard assistance.

The “Reset My Password” button in Genesis has been a big hit, once we get anyone to use it. Using the button allows everyone to reset both their Genesis *and* their computer logins at the same time.

Faculty have made more use of Blackboard this semester. We’ve set up a lot of courses for/with folk and look forward to helping everyone use new tools down the road.

The good news is that this will be a 3-day weekend! Yay for holidays. I’ll be online watching for problems, but I will also get to sleep in, visit with some family and relax for a couple of days.

Enjoy the weekend!


Fall 2014 Technical Orientation

Judie Littlejohn and I hosted our regular technical orientation this past Tuesday… Thought you’d be interested in the video from that session.

You can get the video here.

This is just the video and does not have closed captioning… if you need closed captioning, go to Technical Orientation page (here: and press CTRL-F8 to turn on the captions.

Hope you find this helpful!

Blackboard problems? Try this!

If you didn’t notice, we did some necessary upgrades on Blackboard over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

There were changes as a result of the July 4th update which necessiate a reevaluation of your system.

Most folk are getting in fine, but there’s the occasional “Module loading” issue still at this point.

Make sure your operating system and browser combination is compatible with Blackboard. Find compatible configurations here:

Doing these steps will make for a better Blackboard experience.

Spring 2014 – Final Exam Schedule


The Final Exam schedule for Spring 2014 is now available! (Hey! It’s not even Spring Break! How can the final exam schedule be available??? :-)  )

Not all courses have exams during the May 12 – 14 (Monday – Wednesday) exam window, but many courses do.

The schedule can be found here:

It is subject to change and students are responsible for verifying the time, date and location with their instructors.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming!