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Now, we work hard to tell everyone that the ‘base’ URL that you need for everything related to Genesee is www.genesee.edu — and everything is linked from there.

On the other hand, if the main web site is having a bad day, then everyone had a bad day since they don’t know how to get to anything else. The Help Desk messages start pouring in that “Genesis is down” when, really, it’s not. The WWW site is down and Genesis is chugging along, feeling lonesome, with no problems at all.

So… you need 3 bookmarks on your computer (well, okay, 4, I’ll encourage you to bookmark me ;-):

www.genesee.edu — the main college web site

genesis.genesee.edu – Genesis

www.outlook.com – student email

mail.genesee.edu – faculty and staff email

The Library does go offline if the primary web site is offline, so there’s no answer to that one…. sorry!

So put these in your Favorites list and come back and visit any time!


3 thoughts on “Bookmarks

  1. Which tends to have more “bad days” Geneis or the general WWW site?

    It’s sad that the library page goes down when the WWW goes down :(. But, I guess we can’t have everything in the world.

    • To be honest, the WWW site seems to have more bad days than Genesis…. (we suspect it’s the server, but, shhhh, don’t tell anyone). On the other hand, it’s just that when the WWW site goes down, no one knows what to do…..

      And the Librarians are equally sad… ;-(

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