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Duplex Printing – A Poll

The question has been asked about setting the printers in the student computer labs to duplex printing. That is, by default, all printouts would come out printed on both sides of the page.

Well, we’d do this where we can. We do have some lab printers that don’t do duplex printing at all and those would continue to print single sided.

Important to understand is that while duplex would be the default, users could still over-ride the duplex option and print single sided. You would just have to remember to do it.

We’d put instructions next to the printers so users who don’t know how to turn off duplex can do so since it won’t necessarily be exactly the same from printer to printer. It’s the same instructions when the printers are the same but different models of printers may have different steps to take.


  • saves paper


  • printing would be slower
  • users would have to remember to turn the duplex off when single sided is needed


  • no impact on toner; still printing the same amount of material

So. I’m looking for opinions. This isn’t scientific but comments will be appreciated. Anything you want to say ‘off the record’ can be sent to me directly: mjheider@genesee.edu

Now, separate question for faculty.

13 thoughts on “Duplex Printing – A Poll

  1. MJ: Anything we can do to prevent having to put printing limits on students, I am in favor of doing. They did this at UB and although successful, it is a pain. Especially since most classes post all notes on Blackboard now. When I was teaching there, we had studetns fail to print the notes and bring them to class to “save” their printing for assignments.

    • *Exactly* the sort of thing I do not want to do. If we think printing is excessive, I always vote for raising the technology fee $5 a semester to cover the costs — which then should be covered by Financial Aid. Charging for printing is a tax on students that I think is unfair!

      Many thanks for the feedback!

  2. Seems like a good idea. I’d support it at our Warsaw Campus Center where I teach the CIS courses.
    Thanks for asking.

  3. I am very pleased that the faculty are being polled on this. We need their input on this.
    Allen Kidder

  4. I’m all for duplex-the less paper the better…of course, I haven’t had to accept an assignment on paper since last July 🙂 Marie

  5. Have you investigated changing the font from New Times Roman to Century Gothic as some other schools are doing. It saves a lot on ink, according to reports. I know that most of us use New Times Roman, which uses a lot of ink. Just a thought.

    • Huh. Didn’t know that… but sure, fatter type faces take more toner…. something to think about!


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