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Internet Explorer Vulnerability – Update

Don’t press that F1 key!

Turns out that the ruckus in March about Internet Explorer 6 and 7 is actually a problem with VBScript. So we can temper the “don’t use Internet Explorer!” a teeny bit and in places where IE really is the best option for you, you can feel a bit more comfortable in using it.

The problem is that there is a vulnerability in processing access to the Help file, the one that is accessed by using the F1 key. If you are doing your regular business, working in Word or in Banner and you use the F1 key for help, you should be ok. It’s when you using Internet Explorer and are at unknown web sites that tell you to use the F1 key that you need to be careful. When in doubt, don’t!

We still recommend that, whenever you can, use Firefox or some other browser for your day-to-day work. But do be aware that you can encounter these same bad guys because the problem isn’t in the browser, it’s in another file on your computer. So the “don’t press F1” applies no matter what browser you are using. It shouldn’t be a problem in Fire Fox but that doesn’t mean it may not be a problem.

This still isn’t a problem if your computer has Vista as the operating system.

If you have Windows XP at home, you should look at running the updates for this problem.

The rest of this is for seriously geeky people only!

This is the best plain text explanation there is at the moment: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/38463/discuss — but poke that site around if you’re looking for some technobabble!

Check your VBSCript.dll file (found on my computer in c:\windows\system32) and check the version number in the properties. Version 5.1 is the primary concern; if you have 5.1 here’s the Microsoft information on performing an update: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/981350.

The updated Microsoft information on the issue: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS10-022.mspx

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