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Summer Tuition

If you are already registered for Summer 2010 classes, tuition for said classes is due on Friday, May 7. Tuition is due on May 7, even if your summer class doesn’t start until July.

What this means is that on or before May 7 you need to pay the tuition or make some arrangements, directly with the Business Office about the bill being paid. If you don’t, you will be dropped from your classes.

We always cheerfully take cash and credit cards. If you’re attending Genesee just for the summer, that’s usually the simplest thing to do.

There’s sometimes a whisper of financial aid available, depending on what you’re eligible for in general and what financial aid you used in the Fall and Spring. You need to talk to the nice people in the Financial Aid Office to see if you’re eligible for any summer funding.

“Tuition liability” kicks in fast in the summer, if you find you need to drop a class. You must complete the withdrawal process before the first day of class to get 100% tuition refund.  Once you get to 12:01 am on June 1 (for full/first summer session classes) or July 6 (for second session summer classes), you’re liable for at least some of the tuition. If you get into a situation where you think you need to drop a summer class, do it quick if you need to look for a tuition refund.

Attendance still counts in the summer, if you have any kind of financial aid (loans, mostly, but whatever). You need to be attending classes for 80% of the session to ‘earn’ your financial aid.

When in doubt about *anything* related to bills, contact the Business Office.

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