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WWW Woes

We currently are having problems with the www.genesee.edu web site. 😦  – this includes access to Library resources…. (yeah, I know, not a good day)

 In the meantime, the following *are* working:

 –Genesis (http://genesis.genesee.edu) – access to Banner and Blackboard is working

–Exchange mail for faculty and staff:  http://mail.genesee.edu

–Outlook mail for students:  http://www.outlook.com

I’ll post a notice here when things are back up and running!

ETA – 3:30 pm – It’s essentially a server crash and we need to bring a backup online. Best estimate I have at the moment is another hour (about 4:30 – 5:00 pm EDT).

ETA2: okay, close it up and go home. Best I have from the server guys is “later this evening” which doesn’t have warm fuzzies attached to it. Hopefully, later this evening but no idea. Sorry!

ETA3 — 7:30 pm — looking good at the moment. Basic web site up and running but there may be some back end things that won’t be fixed until tomorrow (Tuesday). Thanks for your patience.

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