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What Happened?

Don’t you love technical problems? ::grin::

Well, yesterday was not a good day…. obviously. The virtual server that hosts the www.genesee.edu web site essentially crashed on us. It went into a ‘suspended/hibernation’ mode and just didn’t come out.

It always feel funny when, as the tech support person, I have to tell folk we’re calling tech support for help. Circular reasoning, at the least. The truth is that we really don’t know everything (gasp!) and need help ourselves, on a regular basis.

The virtual server support folk kinda scratched their heads and gave us the “well, that is interesting” response. No warm fuzzies there. In the end, they helped to walk through a rebuild from a backup to restore the web server.

The delay was related to the “just a little longer” issue. Ever run into that? We had some alternatives (some better than others, mind you) that we talked about implementing but when the server guys said it would be “just a little longer” to get the web site up and running we didn’t persue the work-arounds since that would take about the same time to do. With my luck, we’d take the hour plus to implement the work-around and the server guys would be done with their work and the real site would be up and running.

We do have a pre-production web site for testing purposes but that’s a pretty poor option. A true last resort, really. We use it to test new material before it goes online and it doesn’t have the back end up to date for things like the news from MarCom, updated sports scores or events from SA. If we didn’t think we’d get something else back online by the real end of the day, we would have gone back to that.

So. It was painful to be us yesterday. On the other hand, it helps me further remind everyone that while you can get to everything from www.genesee.edu, that when (not if) it’s not there, you need to know how to get to Genesis (http://genesis.genesee.edu) and mail (faculty/staff: http://mail.genesee.edu – students: http://www.outlook.com).

My thanks to everyone for being patient!

2 thoughts on “What Happened?

    • The imaging software was “working as designed” which is not the same as “working as expected” — some things we thought were happening were not….. I hate learning on the fly.

      And dunno about what we’re using… I already know too many things so I’ve chosen not to learn that one!

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