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Need a Computer? Ask!

As it gets closer and closer to the end of the semester, you’re starting to panic about needing to get work done. So you head up to the computer lab and, well, darn! It’s full.

But wait! Don’t just walk away.

In T207, or in a campus center, find the lab assistant (in a campus center, ask in the office) and ask about getting a computer.

If the lab is full, one of the things we will do in T207 is ask the folk not doing assignments to go away and come back later. We won’t poke specific people and say, “You’re just doing Facebook, go away.” We don’t interpret what people are doing or why. But we will make an announcement asking people not doing homework to leave.

You know what? It works!

There are a lot of considerate students out there who are just killing time between classes and really aren’t doing homework. Once they know someone is looking to do work, they’ll leave so you can get that assignment done.

If you don’t ask, you cannot complain.

Bottom line: You have to be assertive enough to ask, “Do you know when a computer might be free?” and that will alert us that there are folk waiting.

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