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Send Me an Email

This is for students… so faculty and staff can stop now….

I’m looking to see both who is paying attention and who is reading….. so, here’s your chance to show off for me. This is one of those evil things… if you tell your friends, you dilute your chances of winning.

Using your Genesee email (the Outlook.com email) and only your Genesee email, send me a message with the subject “Pick me!” and in the body of the message include your full name and a mailing address. One entry per person.

Next Wednesday, May 19 at noon, I’ll pick 4 lucky winners from everyone who sends me an email by then and I’ll send you a 2 GB flash drive. I’ll send it to the address you send me in the email, so make sure the address is correct to you get your package.

I’ll post the winners on May 20….


4 thoughts on “Send Me an Email

  1. hi!!! I was wondering if there is a way to remove a class from genesis .. where it shows all classes you taken ..have a good summer 🙂

    • Change the semester in the drop down thing at the top to just the current semester. If you want, change it to Fall 2010 (if you’re registered) or at least to Spring 2010 and that way only the current semester will show.

      Does that help?

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