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Being Green

Oh, all right, I’m recycling a couple of posts that you probably did see…. just getting back into the swing of things, faintly overwhelmed (it was a fantastic vacation!) and there are a couple of things that you should look at again if you haven’t.

For students:

The “Pick Me!” … hmmm…. is it a contest or a raffle or what? Well, it’s still open today, and there really are only a handful of entries at this point. Put your email into the hat and you have a good chance to win.

The New Student Orientation Leader program is still looking for a few more people. If you’re going to be around Genesee at all this summer or interested in working with new students you should put in your application. It’s a fun program and you get to work with some great people.

For Faculty (Okay, not mine but from the recent President’s News Notes)

Nicki Lerczak has created and posted on YouTube, two new tutorials: “Empirical articles: what the heck are they?” and “Finding empirical articles” (part 1 and part 2).  This brings the total number of library video tutorials up to fourteen.  Nicki is currently editing “Searching in CINAHL” and also expects to produce tutorials on Chicago citation style and the JSTOR database.

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