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Taking a Summer Class? Make sure you’re ready!

If you’ve taken classes at Genesee before, whether this Spring or last summer, you should have an idea of what you need.

If you’re new to Genesee this summer, whether staying on for the Fall or going back to your ‘home’ insitution, welcome!

Once you are registered for Summer classes, you should get information about your accounts: Genesis, Email and network. We send this information by way of US Postal mail to your “mailing” address and not your “permanent” address. We are processing accounts daily at this point, so your accounts should exist the next business day.

If you need this information before the letter gets delivered to you, or you did not receive the letter (it’s on bright yellow paper), you can contact our Help Desk for assistance. Call the Help Desk at 1-866-614-5004 (toll free) and talk to the nice people there.

To identify yourself, you will need your full name (the name you put on the application form, so if you put “Debra” don’t use “Debbie”), your date of birth and then one more piece of information. The Help Desk works best if you know your “800” number, which is your Genesee ID number. If you don’t know your Genesee ID number, the person on the phone will ask you a couple of questions about what address(es) we have on file for you.

Most courses will use Blackboard (found inside Genesis as “My Courses”) to support the course, even if it is not a fully online class. If you’ve never used Blackboard, or you find you have questions or problems accessing Blackboard, you may want to take advantage of one of our Technical Orientations scheduled for June 1. There’s more information about the Technical Orientations available on our Distance Learning web site. If you’re in Batavia, you’re always welcome to come to T207 for assistance whenever the lab is open, even after the start of the session. At a campus center, ask at the desk if someone can help you with Blackboard; they may or may not have someone available.

While formal Technical Orientations are scheduled only for June 1 (targeted at Distance Learning and full summer sessions), I know there are a lot of classes that start on July 6. We won’t have formal Orientations on that date but you’re welcome to come to T207 in Batavia or to talk to the folk at the campus center you’re attending if you need help.

The checklist:

  • make sure you paid the bill so you don’t get dropped from your class(es)
  • make sure you can log into your accounts (Genesis, Outlook.com email and network)
  • attend a Technical Orientation if you think you may need help
  • check out the Bookstore for your textbooks
  • check your Outlook.com email for updated information; some instructors will send you email before the start of the course
  • go to class!

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