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Incoming Fall Student?

If you’re an incoming Fall student to Genesee, welcome! Hope you find what you’re looking for, if not, don’t hesitate to ask.

That said, there is a separate blog targeted at incoming Fall students with information related to being a new student. Please do keep reading here, but you also need to read there also. While the two blogs will overlap occasionally (like this one!), they are separate and will not have the same information.

If you haven’t, check it out: http://newgccstudents.wordpress.com

Couple of things incoming students need to know:

  • once you’ve been processed through Admissions (i.e. deposit paid/waived), the next office you will deal with is Advisement. Those are the folk who will help you set up your schedule and tell you what courses you need to take.
  • that assumes, of course, you’ve done the placement testing
  • if you live near a campus center, contact the nice people there to talk to an advisor about scheduling courses
  • anyone planning on living in College Village needs to apply separately; don’t wait since we always seem to run out of rooms by the end of the summer

There are always questions at the help desk about getting your Genesee accounts. Basic summary:

  • you will get your Genesis account information when you come in to register; distance learning students will get that information from Judie Littlejohn in the DL Office
  • Genesee email accounts are created after you have registered for the Fall; we will start creating those after June 1 and send that information to your ‘permanent’ address
  • Genesee network accounts won’t be created until after August 9; if you really think you need one earlier, you need to contact me (mjheider@genesee.edu) and we can discuss it

There’s lots more you need to know/do, most of it on the other blog. Do check it out.

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