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Holiday weekend

Yay! It’s Saturday!

Wait. Saturday? Already? What happened to the rest of the week? I mean…. ::looks around frantically::

Okay, was at an awesome conference in exotic Plattsburgh, NY and sick all week while I was there. So if all the people in SUNY across all of New York state come down with bronchitis and head colds, they have me to thank.

Between working the conference and the cold I didn’t have two functional brain cells to make any entries… every time I’d look at a keyboard, I didn’t have the energy to do anything… sorry to leave you-all in the lurch.

And, so very cool, the “Spring Grades” entry of the blog had almost 400 hits! That is awesome all by itself. Hope some folk actually read it and found it helpful.

Back to your regularly scheduled entries this week.

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