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Outlook.Com email accounts

Gena (thank you for asking!) asked a great question that I’m going to recap here since the answer is actually relevant to everyone.

“This is probably the exactly WRONG place to ask this but…

“…now that I’ve graduated from GCC and won’t be returning in the fall, how long will my email account remain active before it…goes offline or is deleted or something like that?”

First of all…. you can ask me anything. That’s kind of the idea of the blog in the first place. There are times you aren’t on campus or you really don’t want to ask something face-to-face for whatever reasons. Sometimes you just don’t know who to ask. Well, if I don’t know the answer, I do know who to ask. And I can always give advice in hypothetical situations. Also, while I do make you use an email address when you post a comment, I don’t make you use your Genesee email account, so you can use that sexysoccermom47@yahoo.com email address and ask your questions.
That said…
Your Genesee email account at outlook.com is yours forever. If you don’t use it for 6 months, it goes into an inactive state and you will need to reactivate it but you can still call the Help Desk (1-866-614-5004) and get it set back up! You really just need to reset your password and then log back into it. We won’t be deleting those accounts, well, unless Microsoft says something to us, but forever was part of the deal we made with them!
Now, as a warning, the alumni folk are looking at those Genesee email accounts and drooling (it’s faintly embarrassing, actually). They are looking at it as another way to keep in touch with you after you leave Genesee.
One of the things you may want to do is go into the Outlook.com email address and have any mail sent to it forwarded to the email address you do check regularly. We do want to keep in touch with you and that’s a simple way to do it.
If you’ve graduated: congratulations! Those of you not coming back to Genesee in the Fall: good luck in whatever you do! 

3 thoughts on “Outlook.Com email accounts

  1. Woohoo! I’m famous!
    Well…I’ve been noted 😛

    And woohoo! My grammar is better than those idiots who can’t type on facebook!!
    Please note: I said ‘idiots who can’t type’…that was to separate them from the people in general that are on facebook.

  2. Oh! And THANK YOU for adding that I can forward my emails…that will make things a lot easier, I think!

    If I had known this before, it would have saved me a lot of headaches!!

    Ah well, better late than never!

    Thanks again!

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