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Academic Probation

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  In order to graduate from Genesee, you need at least a 2.0 grade point average. The college makes an effort to help you with reaching that goal through tutoring and other resources.  If  your GPA falls within a certain range under 2.0, you may be placed on academic probation.  In this way, we can monitor your academic progress by limiting your credit hour load.  (in that, if you don’t earn a 2.0 grade point average along the way, we place you on academic probation.)

It’s important that you understand that we don’t mean to punish you when we place you on probation, it’s a means for us to identify students who may need some help, who may have been in over their heads, may be in a wrong program or may have had personal problems that affected their school work. We pay particular attention to students on probation and are more than willing to go out of our way to assist you in getting off of probation.

Not everyone understands that we mean to help and start digging themselves into an even deeper hole. At that point, we start to protect you from making it worse.

Now, think about it. If you did poorly taking 15 credit hours, what makes you think you’re going to do any better continuing to take 15 (or even 18!) credit hours? Cutting back and taking 12, or even fewer, credit hours lets you put your time and effort into a few courses. It’s better to do well in fewer courses than to do poorly in a lot of courses.

We do understand about extenuating circumstances. There is an appeal process for academic probation that you can use. You need to tell us, in excruciating detail, what went wrong that caused your grade point average to drop and why you think you need to take more classes than you have been restricted to. Documentation about medical problems or other issues that impacted your life are encouraged, it’s your job to convince us that you have overcome whatever problems you have and what plans you have to do better.

There are, of course, deadlines. You need to submit your appeal to Kathy Kimber c/o Michelle Burkhardt in the VP for Student and Enrollment Services office (in Batavia) by June 18. That’s a firm deadline. Your appeal request and all of your documentation needs to be in her hands on June 18.

The Academic Standards Committee will review your request on June 22. That’s the only meeting scheduled for this summer, so it’s your only appeal opportunity before Fall. The decision of the committee is final.

Questions? Talk to your advisor. He or she can tell you what options you may have. If an appeal is appropriate, get going, time is running out!

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    I got to ‘options’ then ‘organize email’ then ‘inbox rules’ then set it so stuff on gcc’s email goes to my home email.

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    • WAIT! Nevermind…it DID in fact send stuff to my other email! It’s working fine then. False alarm. ^w^;

      • It “copies” the mail forward, so there’s a copy of messages left in your outlook.com inbox. You have enough room that it’s not a big deal although it probably would be nice if you’d clean it out once in a while… 😉

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