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Dealing with Spam

I sent this as an email to the campus community (the folk that work here end of the spectrum) today but I’m also posting it here for a wider audience.

I’ve had a couple of folk ask and I’ve looked at my own junk mail and we’ve been having a serious uptick in spam related to drugs, pharmaceuticals and bling. Well, if I use the real words, I’ll get caught in some of your spam filters!

There is a spam filter that collects some of the worst of the junk before you even see it. The automated filter takes thousands of messages out of the email on a regular basis, so think about what you’d really be getting if it wasn’t there. And, the filter is sometimes only as good as we all are. If you have the “Spam / Not Spam” thing set up on the bottom of your emails and you don’t ‘teach’ the filter that something is Spam, it takes longer for the system to take out some of the newest variation of junk.

Now, couple of things you can/should do for what does get through.

·         If you’ve not set up your spam filter, it’s worth the few minutes to do so. Information on how to do that is available here: http://www.genesee.edu/gcc/helpdesk/junkmail.cfm — scroll down and work through the PPT file and read the Word doc to set up a secondary filter. You have to do this, we can’t do it for you. We can help walk you through it, but it only works for you.

·         If you’ve already set up the spam filter, it might be time to tighten it down a bit. Go to http://canit.genesee.edu and log in using your network username and password. On the left, click on Preferences and then on Stream Settings.

o   Look at the value you have for “Automatically reject messages scoring more than this amount” – it should be no more than 10.

o   Look at the value you have for “Spam threshold” – it should be no more than 5; consider a value of 4 if you want

·         You can tweak those values to something you’re more comfortable with. I have the 10 and 5 values and get a lot of tagged messages about drugs that I really don’t want but I’ve used the Outlook rules so that most of them don’t come into my inbox, they go into a “Spam” folder that I look at on an irregular basis and delete when I think of it.

·         If you do move to something less than 5 for the spam threshold, you may want to do the setting then go into Canit a couple of days later and see what is in your “Trap Contents” – if there are message there that you should have gotten, then you’ve tied it down too far. You can individually “Accept” the messages and “Whitelist” them if you want, or take that threshold back up a notch. It’s an art more than a science and everyone is comfortable at different levels.

There. If you’ve learned something new, today is a success!

As always, if  you have questions, do ask… always glad to help!

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