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There’s an App for That…

So David is jealous of my ‘Droid, probably because he thinks it’s cool. Well, it is, but I won’t tell him that.

I downloaded and installed a new app today that I guess I hadn’t paid attention it, is a Bar Code scanner that then links to Google-something which will tell me that I’m paying too much for the item. It’s both scary and cool. I mean, I hate to price shop and this will save me a ton of work. Or not, since if the store I’m in has the things I want, I’m not going all over town to save a few bucks. My time is the most precious thing I have and if it’s there in front of me, if it’s something I need/want, I’m just going to buy it.

On the other hand, the scary part of the scanner is that you know that someone, somewhere is saving that Google-search-thing information to learn more about me. So someone will know I’m interested in Pepsi (it was the bar code I had handy to test it on!) and now I’ll get more spam from Pepsi before I’m done. Sigh.

Part of the discussion (we have an on-campus workshop today and tomorrow and I have to play well with others so I went to the cool mobile computing session Julie did!) was about mobile computing in general and I did learn a couple of things. If you have a not-smart-enough phone, you still get charged like $10 a month for internet access because you can access the internet with your phone. The postage sized stamp screen won’t let you read anything, but you can get there. If you have a really smart phone (like the ‘Droid), the costs go up. Unlimited data from Verizon is $30 a month! And the screen is the size of 6 postage stamps. Woo-hoo! Although that’s better than the AT&T plan (i.e. iPhone) where there’s a cap on how much data bandwith you can use in a month and they’ll charge you an arm and a leg if you go over! It’s a pretty high limit, but still….

I’m not a text-er. That’s a personal squick, I just don’t do it. So I have the cheap texting plan so I can get texts but then I’m going to be the person that calls you back, just because I’d rather talk to you than text. The ‘Droid even has a kind-a real keyboard but I’m on a computer enough that I don’t need to type while on my phone, too!

 So. Does your phone do apps and what’s your favorite?

4 thoughts on “There’s an App for That…

  1. Christina and Ben both have Droids and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. I want one, but my contract isn’t up for like another ridiculous year and a half or something like that. Ughhhh!!! They are expensive though.

  2. I have a HTC Hero through Sprint, another Android phone. I’ve rooted it and flashed Darchdroid 2.7 on to it.

    If you’re a fan of the OSD keyboard, there’s a closed beta app that gives you a different way of typing. The company working on it made it open beta early this morning. It’s not going to be open for long, though.


    Beyond Swype, I use Astrid to remember homework assignments, amongst other things, and a widget called Smooth Calendar to see upcoming assignments. Then there’s ConnectBot and androidVNC which I use for SSHing/SSH tunnels and accessing VNC servers. AK Notepad for quick notes and EasyMoney for a checkbook app. Seesmic for Twitter. gStrings to tune my guitar. Google Sky Map is fun to play with too.

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