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David (thank you!) shared a web site that has an interesting set of data about the world that I’m re-sharing with you.

If there were exactly 100 people in the world:

  • 60 would be Asian
  • 12 would be European
  • 5 would be from the US or Canada
  • 8 would be from Latin America
  • 14 would be Africans

Within the 100 people, you would find:

  • 49 would be female, 51 would be male
  • 82 would be non-white, 18 would be white
  • 89 would be heterosexual, 11 would be homosexual
  • 33 would be Christian, 67 would be non-Christian

Learning to think globally is the challenge. You need to learn how to play well with others because you don’t always know who they are, where they live or what kind of life they have. With the Internet it’s easy to have friends who live around the world without even knowing it. I work on a project related to a personal hobby and it was months before I knew that Andromeda lived in Barcelona, Spain, Gwen lived in Denmark and Walter, who is the techie and supports the servers, lives in California.

Here’s the original web site, it gets kind of schmoopy but it makes its point.

One thought on “Diversity

  1. The world is a complex place. But, I think sometimes we get lost in the complexity and it confuses us or we don’t see it for what it truly is. But, when we think about the world as a village of just 100 things become clearer. 🙂

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