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Random Thoughts

Random thoughts for a random Wednesday….

–who do you complain to when you find that the paper coffee cup holding the *very* hot Tim Horton’s coffee is leaking when you’re like 10 miles away from the shop and not going back to it any time soon? Although… mmmm….. TimBits…….

–why does “End Road Work” sound like a 60’s protest sign to me? Come on, now that I’ve said it, it does, doesn’t it?

–now that the hubby has the camera for a couple of days, why am I seeing all sorts of cool things that I’d like to take pictures of? Not that any of them are important, it’s only a vague impulse, but… why now?

–I’ll never find my car again. They’re (the mysterious they) doing work in the parking lots and I had to park all the way in “D”!!! I mean…. geez. Hopefully by the time I have to go home, the cars around me will be gone and I”ll be able to see it. Although if we worked anyplace like UB (or even MCC), that kind of a walk would be an every day occurence; there’s no such thing as parking ‘close’ at either of those schools. I am eternally grateful.

–and why is ‘grateful’ spelled that way? It annoys me. Why isn’t it ‘greatful’? Anyone?

–hopefully, no one ::eyes hubby suspiciously:: has eaten the leftover bacon from Sunday and we can have BLTs again for dinner…. what a great food day… donuts *and* bacon…..  🙂

Okay, sugar crash from the donuts starting…. going away before I babble any more….

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. A few things.

    (1) You should go back to Tim Horton’s for more Tim Bits and share them with me :P. This way, you can have the leaky cup discussion, which I have actually had with employees at the store. It is an interesting experience, enjoy. I haven’t been to Tim Horton’s since yesterday! 😦

    (2) You WOULD mention UB in your comment about parking.

    (3) I will research the grateful issue and get back to you.

    • 1) I drank enough of the coffee that the leakage was annoying more than fatal. And I figure the discussion isn’t worth the angst.

      1a) There may be more TimBits in both our futures.

      2) One’s examples need to be well-known or obvious in order to be useful. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to swipe at UB for things like that.

      3) Cool! Thanks!

  2. * Grate in grateful comes from the Latin, grātus, which means pleasing.
    * Grate (framework of metal bars) comes from L crāt- (s. of crātis) which means wickerwork, hurdle or crate.
    * Grate (as in grating cheese or grating on your nerves) originally comes from German, kratzen to scratch.
    * GREAT comes from Groat, which was a silver coin of England, equal to four pennies, issued from 1279 to 1662 and which was larger than other coins in former use.

    Oh the poor English learners! What a complex melting pot the English language is!

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