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Vocabulary Word of the Day: Phishing

I sent this as an email yesterday to the faculty and staff of the college but it deserves and needs a wider audience…..  This applies to students, also!

Wikipedia defines Phishing as: the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication

A whole bunch of us have been getting emails, some not even addressed to you, about “Confirming” something involving a username and password.

Genesee will *never* ask you to confirm things like passwords in an email like that. And we *never* will use a non-named email account like “admin” or “administrator” or “support” to ask you to do anything with your account. Even things with my name on it that come out of nowhere asking you for your username and password are to be suspect.

A number of you have asked about the recent uptick in “Confirming” emails you’ve gotten, thank you for doing that. Many others of your have simply realized it’s spam and have deleted the message without question. Both of those actions tells me you’re paying attention and keeping yourself and your information secure. Good job!

As always, when in doubt, do ask. We’re glad to help you figure out whether something is legit or not.

If you get more of those “Confirming” emails, if you have your spam filter turned on and have the voting links at the bottom, do mark them as spam so CanIt learns that this is spam faster. If you don’t have your spam filter on, simply delete the message. As long as you only open the message and do not click on any of the links, you should be fine.

Questions? You know where I live!

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