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Technology Woes…. FIXED!

You know, I would have sworn I made a post… in fact, I know I did … about the technology problems we’ve had over the past few days. Well, drat. I must have started it, started to post it and then it timed out…. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

It’s fixed now. Mostly. The external class schedule isn’t quite fixed, we want to touch one thing at a time and that’s for tomorrow.

Anyone looking to register, withdraw, pay bills, look up schedules, find degree audits or look up your 800 number can now do so!

Thanks to everyone for being patient with our problems!

One thought on “Technology Woes…. FIXED!

  1. And, when you call GCC and the voice says, “you have reached Genesee Community College” GUESS who that is? 🙂

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