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Technology Woes

(Cross posted here and on the NewGCCStudents blog)

If you have not noticed, access to online registration, schedules and bill payment through Genesis is not working just now.  😦

Yes, you can log into Genesis but when you click on “Student Information” or “Personal Information” or anything… you get a semi-polite “Access Denied” message.

We are working to resolve the problem but thought I should post something that indicates that the problems we are having really are our problems and not yours.

If there is something you need to do, call the college (585-343-0055) and talk to the nice operator person and tell her what you need to do and she can direct your call to the proper office. If you have a Genesee email account, send the office you need to deal with an email telling them what you need/want to do and they will help you as best they can. By using your Genesee email, you are making an official contact with the college and the offices will use that as a date of contact for processing your request.

Questions? Need help? Ask here and I’ll help you get in contact with the right people.

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