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Monday, Monday….

Hey! There’s a song title there someplace……

We have now hit what I call ‘silly season.’ It’s the end of July, there’s too much to do before classes start (in 28 days, meep!) and it’s also the end of the college fiscal year.

I have a ton of blog posts I should/need to do both here and on the NewGCCStudents blog… they both need some serious updating. I also need to write a ton of things for the new Help Desk software (although it is a cool Help Desk thing) as well as technical documentation for the support staff at the Central Help Desk (where that 866-614-5004 number calls). And I owe da boss a status report. Hmmm… I may copy this for that last thing… 😉

Fall classes start 4 weeks from today. I have a bazillion New Student Orientation sessions to attend but those are as much fun as work but it does mean being on the road. New students are fun to work with and it’s a good chance for me to get out to the campus centers. Some of those visits will also include faculty assistance; heck, since I’m going out, might as well do a good job of it.

We’re also finishing up work in the Med Tech building, installs in the Tech Building labs of some new equipment, updating 10 smart classrooms and renovating a Nursing lab for a new Bio lab. Well, I’m not personally doing all of those things (I’m good, just not that good!) but I need to keep an eye on my guys who are doing those things.

The end of the fiscal year means that there’s always a (small) pot of money to spend. The problem is that the money needs to be spent *and* goods received by August 31. That ain’t always easy!

So. Off to write things for other places…..

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