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Student Account Work – August 8

This one got long. Bear with me!

First, an important review.

Students have three (3) separate accounts that they use to access Genesee resources:

  • Genesis account (for access to Banner Self Service and Blackboard)
  • Outlook.com email account
  • Network account (for logging into a campus computer and accessing Library databases from home/work)

These accounts all have the same username but they do not necessarily have the same password and they definitely do not ‘talk’ to each other. Anything that happens to one account does not affect the other account.

Some more background.

Prior to August 2009, students shared the Exchange mail server with faculty and staff. Due to the way Microsoft does business, the Network account and the Email account were the same account. Since student email was moved to Outlook.com in August 2009, this is no longer true.

Because of the connection, we had no way to ‘clean up’ network accounts for students who left Genesee because we essentially allowed students to keep their email accounts for a long time. With the separation of email accounts and network accounts, I am now in a position to be able to clean up old, unused, disabled network accounts on a large-scale basis.

What’s going to happen.

On Sunday, August 8 I will be deleting all existing student Network accounts. Just the Network account; this has no effect on Genesis and Outlook.com accounts. Students will be able to access Genesis and email with no interruption.

Once the cleanup is complete, I will be creating Network accounts for all students registered for the Fall 2010 semester. Based on the prep work we’ve already done, I’m looking at this entire process to be complete by the evening of Sunday, August 8.

Summer grades are due on Tuesday, August 10. Students who need to access Library databases on the Sunday (and into Monday/Tuesday) can contact the Help Desk (1-866-614-5004) and the Help Desk staff will give out a temporary username and password that will be usable through the day Tuesday. Students will still have to identify themselves (name, birthdate and GCC ID number) to the Help Desk and the generic account will be given to anyone who calls.

By Monday morning, all registered students will have brand, new, shiny Network accounts. The username will be the same, the password will be reset to the default password that is on the letter that has been (and will be) sent to the student.

As students continue to register after August 8, Network accounts will be created for students the same way/time email accounts are created (that is, about 24 business hours after the registration). That information is then sent to the student or the student can contact the Help Desk (students in Batavia can come to T207 for assistance) for their username and password.

In T207, the Library and at all campus centers there will be a temporary Network username and password  students will be able to use through the end of August. This is to allow students to log into a campus computer without having to immediately contact the Help Desk. Students will be expected to resolve any Network username/password issues by the end of August.


  • On Sunday, August 8, all existing student Network accounts will be deleted.
  • On Sunday, August 8, Network accounts will be created for all students registered for the Fall 2010 semester.
  • Students who call the Help Desk on Sunday, August 8 will be given a temporary network account to allow access to library databases from home/work.
  • Starting Monday, August 9 students will be able to use their new Network account to log into a campus computer or access Library databases remotely.
  • Starting Monday, August 9 registered students who contact the Help Desk will be given information for their own Network username and password.
  • T207, the Library and all Campus Centers will have a temporary Network login so students can log into a campus computer.
  • On Wednesday, September 1, all temporary Network accounts will go away and students will be expected to use their own Network account to log into a campus computer or access Library databases remotely.


Questions? Do ask!

6 thoughts on “Student Account Work – August 8

  1. When I go to look at my schedule, it says I am no longer enrolled, and I didnt register, and I know I did. What do I do ???

  2. Maryjane, just came across this mail and im on hold for fall. i have my schedule but financial aide is my hold up right now. can i be hooked up with an account or do i have to wait til my aide is finalized?

    • The student account work did not affect Genesis or your email (if you already had one). And we’ll have some temporary login accounts for use on campus computers the first week of classes since we know the help desk will be swamped getting things up and running.

      Hope that helps!

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