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Counting Down

Fall classes start in 17 days! Meep!

Okay, let’s make sure you’re ready because I certainly am not!

Schedule — do you have your class schedule set up and know where you need to be?

Finances — if you’ve been registered for a while, your bill was due last week. If you’re just registering, you essentially need to pay the bill right away. We do give you like 5 minutes to organize that but you do need to scramble to make sure you don’t get dropped from your classes.

Residence Form — do it!

Books — if you need to use financial aid for your books (or the meal plan), have you done the permissions thing in Genesis? You can order books now if you need to do the online thing; the bookstore will hold them until the 16th if you’re going to use financial aid to pay for them.

Orientation — there’s one more Batavia New Student Orientation but lots at campus centers. If you’re a new student, go to one.

College Village — have you done the paperwork? You also need to be a full time student to keep your room? Are you registered?

Accounts — can you get into your Genesis and email accounts? Contact the Help Desk if you cannot.

Phew… that’s enough! Don’t wait until the last minute!

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