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Anyone See My Muse?

She wandered off somewhere and took my ambition with her. Drat her…

It’s the best excuse I have for not making a post in a while. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So. Classes start in 4 days. Meep!

Tonight (Thursday) is the last off campus New Student Orientation in Warsaw. 6:30 at the campus center.

Tomorrow (Friday) is a HUGE NSO in Batavia. I suspect it’ll be like 200 people (students and parents) but it’ll be fun to see the energy that kind of a crowd generates. 

Saturday is the College Village orientation for new students moving into the village. So we’ll have some folk here Friday and Saturday.

There’s lunch both days, under the tent. If you’re in Batavia, come by and join us!

If you see my muse, send her home? Thanks!

One thought on “Anyone See My Muse?

  1. Am I your muse MJ? Haha, just kidding! Well, actually, I think I may have given you a blog idea or two :). And, you likewise for me.

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