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When Technology Goes Bad

Yeah. “When” not “If”.

Things are going to break. On the other hand, I like to quote Norm Gayford who said, “No one ever died from an educational emergency.” Puts things into perspective.

So, when things look like they are going wrong, what do you do?

Call the Help Desk (1-866-614-5004, there is a test!) and report it. Maybe no one has noticed and everyone thinks that ‘someone else’ had reported it so why should they? Sigh. Call the Help Desk. They will call me and I can tell them what I know. Or I can check into what may or may not be going on.

Check this blog. I’ll make the effort to post things here as I know anything breaks. And updates as I have them.

Check the Facebook page and group. Two places. I’ll post information there since that’s where a number of students hang out.

For the Facebook page, you don’t even have to belong to Facebook.

Page: http://www.facebook.com/GeneseeCommunityCollege

If you belong to Facebook, ‘like’ the page and you’ll get the feed in your News Feed. Well, you will at the moment since that’s how it currently works. Darned if I can predict how it will work down the road since Facebook seems to change how it works on an irregularly regular basis.

Another option is for anyone who already belongs to Facebook is to join the Genesee Community College group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7459956317. I’ll post updates there, too.

And, as a hint, other closings, cancellations, etc, will go in the same places. So when the weather gets bad (another ‘when’ and not ‘if’), keep an eye out in the same places.

When it’s really bad, we also change the message on the college telephone line  (1-585-343-0055). Yeah. That’s me, too! I’ll update the phone message, but only for major closing events.

Keep in touch!

3 thoughts on “When Technology Goes Bad

  1. Glad to know that important postings like closings with be in FaceBook. I should be embarrassed to admit that when school closed toward the end of Fall 2009 semester because of a snow storm, I showed up for a class that wasn’t (school was closed)! One of my students showed up also. We did use that time constructively, but it would have saved me a trip if I had made myself aware of a possible school closing. Thanks MJ!!

    • Which is why I’m trying to get the word out early on where to look for information….. there’s a fine line between too many and not enough but at this point multiple places helps…. You’re welcome!

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