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We’re trying an experiment: Winterim

That is, for the first time ever (at least in history that anyone still present remembers) Genesee will be offering classes between Fall and Spring semesters. Of course, we couldn’t just call it Winter… it had to be Winterim.

So. There are like rules and restrictions and whatnot in order to register for any of the classes offered.

The basic rules:

  • you must be registered for Fall 2010 semester (that is, the current semester)
  • you must already have earned 12 credit hours (not including the courses you’re taking now)
  • you have to have a 3.0 grade point average
  • you need to be computer friendly and having already taken at least 1 online class prior to this is a help

Oh. You only get to take 1 class. There are 3 offered this time around. Pick one. That’s all we’re going to let you take.

All the gory detail on the Distance Learning web pages.

Questions? Ask!

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