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Rainy Days and To Do Lists

Supposedly going to be a soaker today… rain up and down the East coast and record rain in some places. Good day to catch up on some work…. first I need to organize it.

Things I need to organize or write about:

  • I’m gonna do that Twitter thing I asked about a couple of weeks ago. I have some of it set up, just need to finish and then tell you about it.
  • Registration for Spring classes starts soon. There are always things you need to know.
  • I’m teaching an online stats class (online! stats! 8 weeks! what is anyone thinking!) and need to finish up the class materials for that.
  • I’ve signed up for a couple of writing challenges, but that’s not important to you but it will eat up what little free time I have in my life.
  • I think I need to re-record the “Technical Orientation” thing; Judie tells me it’s not there but I haven’t checked yet.
  • We’re looking at Orientation things (technical orientations and general orientation sessions) for January students; that needs scheduling.

I know there’s more but my head is full of cotton candy today so I’m going to quit while I’m not too far behind!

Back again tomorrow, hopefully with news about Registration!

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