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Holds. On.

Whoa, there!

This is a reminder to those of you who registered after August 1 for the Fall 2010 semester.

Tuition payment for the Fall 2010 semester was due July 30. If you registered after July 30, you were supposed to make arrangements for paying tuition right away. Most of you did, thank you!

If you did not, and you still have an outstanding balance in the Business Office, a hold is being placed on your account that affects registration and grades. That is, you cannot register for the upcoming Spring semester (registration starts next week!) and you will not be able to see your Fall grades at the end of the semester.

The folk in the Business Office are reasonable folk. That’s why I used the phrase “make arrangements” for tuition and not “pay” tuition. We’ll always take cash or credit cards, of course. But  you could have seen if you were eligible for Financial Aid, signed up for the FACTS payment plan or a couple of other options.

At this point, it’s not too late to ‘make arrangements’ but also at this point the hold won’t be lifted until everything is processed.

If you have an outstanding balance (and you can log into Genesis and see that!), make the effort now to talk to the nice people in the Business Office about what you can do, what you need to do and what effect that will have on your standing at the college.

After all, we want you back in the Spring!

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