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Where did Fall go?

Fall Trees on the way to ArcadeAs I was going to Arcade…. wait…. hmmm…. can I make this work?

As I was going to Arcade,
I met a man who had a maid.
The maid had seven cats,
Each cat had seven kits.
Kits, cats, man, maid…
How many were going to Arcade?

Okay, it’s a stretch. 😉

On the road to Arcade yesterday, it occurred to me that the leaves are going from the trees, the fall colors are way past their peak and there are more bare trees than not. Like, when did that happen? It’s not even Halloween and it’s going to be 70+ degrees today. There should still be lots of leaves on the trees. Shouldn’t there?

When did Fall become like Spring. As in, if you blink you’ll miss it?

So it’s Fall in Western New York. While I will get out my hat and gloves on cold and rainy days, I do refuse to get my winter coats out until December 1. Later in the month, if the weather warrants it. We wear winter coats until April when the “hey, it’s warm out!” fact bludgeons our brains, which means that I wear my winter coat pretty constantly for almost 5 months. Whoa. That’s almost depressing.

But I had fun in Arcade. I met with faculty and helped them with questions, about BlackBoard mostly. I get to visit with folk that don’t get a chance to come to Batavia very often, sometimes not at all, and it’s a change of pace for me to go out there and be away from all the toys… work in my office…  Have to look at my calendar and see when’s a good time to go back before the end of the semester.

Wait… by then there may be snow… ick!

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