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Presidential Search

After being at Genesee for what seems like forever — 44 years! —  and in terms of being President, it is, Dr. Stuart Steiner had decided it’s time to retire next summer.

This is a massive change for the college, one that I’m looking forward to with both interest and trepidation. There’s alway interest in a new person who has (hopefully) new ideas and thoughts about how we can improve an already awesome place. There’s also trepidation that we don’t want to lose all the cool things we’ve been doing and a new person will naturally have a new focus.

There’s a link in the college homepage to some basic information about the search. You won’t see a ton of information until we get toward the end of the process since the initial interviews are conducted under a certain level of confidentiality. It’s not that anyone is playing ‘secret squirrel’ things, it’s just that at the executive level like that, most folk don’t want their current employer to know that they may be looking at another position until that new position is more of a reality. After all, while inconceivable to most of us, someone may come to visit and decide that Genesee isn’t the place they want to be. We need to respect that and be patient with the process.

More thoughts coming as we go down the timeline.

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  1. I don’t know why my comment popped up under Presidential Search-it was supposed to be with the whole Twitter thing. Hmmmm…..

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