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Week 10 — Or so…

For full semester classes, it’s week 10 of the semester. 2/3 of the way!

For late start 12 week classes, you’re in week 7. That’s almost 60% of your semester!

For second 8 week classes, you’re in week 2! 1/4 of your semester!

Whoa. Time flies when you’re having fun! (And how many more exclamation marks can I use on one post?)

Whichever you are in, this is the time to really keep working. Full semester classes are starting to get old. You’ve been doing this for what seems like forever and don’t we ever get a break? And papers and reading assignments and tests are looming with lots of deadlines coming up.

Even those late/later starting classes can be overwhelming. Less time means more work at one time, not less work.

It’s not too late to ask for help! Tutoring is available in the CAP in Batavia or ask the staff at your campus center. Talk you your instructor(s) — what an original idea! Your instructors are willing to help, answer questions, give advice.

There’s enough time to turn almost any course around, but you are running out of time! Don’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Week 10 — Or so…

  1. Speaking as one of those veteran professors who see time diminishing as the semester progresses, I raise my afternoon cup of tea to your observation. Isn’t temporal geometry a constant tangle!

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