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Welcome to November!

Those of you who know me will appreciate that I snickered at the image when I saw it.

Somehow, many people in my life walk up to me and announce, “I have a question.”

To which I say, “47.”

When they look puzzled, I explain, “You have a question, I have an answer. Doesn’t mean they fit together.”

So, when someone comes in and says, “I have two questions” which actually happens more often than one might think, I really am prepared.

My response to that person, then, is “47 and… chrysanthemums.”  I pause to make it look like I’m searching for an answer. ::snorfle::

Why the answer is “47” does not necessarily have a totally coherent explanation. Many times I explain that “the answer used to be 42 but I’ve rounded up for inflation.” That explanation isn’t always an explanation unless one is a Douglas Adams fan and you’ve read any of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books (reference here on Wikipedia if you’re curious). Or, just that I was looking for a semi-random number; 47 is a two digit number (one digit numbers are too simple and anything with three or more digits is pretentious), and a prime number at that. Makes the mathematician in me happy (although she is easy to please some days).

The “chrysanthemums” answer evolved when multiple people came around with more than one question. So I went looking for something both totally different and slightly absurd. (Don’t worry, me and plants? Absurd! I make someone with a ‘black thumb’ look good!)

All of that goes to explain (not that you probably even noticed) why the blog URL is “MaryJane47” — I have a lot of those in my life! And which explains why the Twitter account is GennyCee47, also!

That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it!

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