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Vote! Vote! Vote!

Getting out to vote is one of those things that, by the time Election Day comes around, one is tired of being told to do.

Kind of like “go clean your room” or “take out the trash” or “brush your teeth” — you know it’s something you should do, yet it’s too easy to say “later” and then… it never gets done.

Are you as annoyed as I am by the ads, the automated phone calls (we easily had a dozen at my house over the past week) and the signs? Like anything else, it’s too easy for the message to get out to vote to become background noise and you never hear it any more.

In spite of that, everyone complains. Taxes are too high, why don’t ‘they’ fix the road / public building / workers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….  If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t be able to complain. There oughta be a law! Hey! If I were a lawmaker, I could do that!

So, if you don’t know who’s running or why, do some Google searching and see what’s up. And, next year, do your homework ahead of time.

Go! Vote! (Good for you if you have already!)

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