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Presidential Search – the Profile

A key document in the Presidential Search process is now on the college web site — the Profile.

A few weeks ago, members of the college community took the time to think about some of the key characteristics we would like to see in a new President, what sorts of challenges he/she will face when he/she gets here and what are some of the best and worst parts of Genesee.

Putting all of that together resulted in the Profile. It’s on the Presidential Search page here:


You should really take a look at it. Not just prospective presidents but members of the Genesee community. Students, faculty, staff and members of the GLOW area communities will be affected by the new President. Therefore, you should know what we’ve (that’s the collective ‘we’) have said.

Go and read it and tell me what you think!

One thought on “Presidential Search – the Profile

  1. MJ, I think those are great qualities to look for in Genesee’s new President based on my past experience. Just in case any of your readers are interested, we are also getting a new President here at the University at Buffalo. Here is what the Student Assembly suggested be looked for in our new President:

    1. Candidate should have a breadth of experience in the administration of public higher education. That is, experience in student affairs, academic affairs, finance and operations, enrollment management, or other key areas that dignify public higher education administration.

    2. Candidate should have a wealth of experience in securing funding for national and regional research projects and initiatives that have influenced a variety businesses, constituencies, and other groups.

    3. The Assembly feels it would be nice if the person had at least a regional if not local background. We feel it would be difficult for someone that is not from “our own back yard” so to speak to properly administer UB 2020.

    4. The Assembly feels that some experience in the field of teaching would be an admirable tenet when searching for a worthy candidate.

    Thanks! 🙂

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