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Follow through requires — at the very least — dedication. You need to be able to put in the time and effort needed to complete something. Sometimes it’s small… baking cookies requires maybe a couple of hours of dedication… more if you have to buy ingredients first… 🙂

But just dedication sometimes isn’t enough. Doing something because you’ve committed to it can be deadly; you’re finishing something because you have to, not because you want to.

Doing things because you want to, that’s passion. Big projects require passion because dedication alone isn’t enough to carry you through.

A prime example of passion is something that those of you who live in the Batavia area should be faintly aware of.

I’ve watched this house being built on Saille Road near the Batavia Airport for what seems to be the better part of a year. It started last Fall and it’s finally complete. In the beginning, I had no idea what was being built, just something big. In fact at one point, I thought it would be one of those ‘strip plaza’ things with multiple teeny shops.

It turns out to be a one family home.

Second hand gossip is that the owner is a plane ‘nut’ and has built his home next to the airport, in spite of the fact that all around the house are what would be considered ‘light industry’ buildings. In other words, not a residential neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination. Not bad, just… no other houses.

If you’re passionate about flying and planes and airports, you don’t care about who your neighbors are, just that you have a view of the landing strip from your bedroom and that you can walk to the hangers!

Going to college should be something of a passion. If you’re here for a degree, that’s going to take time, effort and money and without at least a little bit of passion you’re just going through the motions. There’s no joy in the learning, no encouragement when you run into a tough class.

With some passion, you’re learning something for you. It makes those classes that turn out to be nasty easier to stick with. It makes it easier to go to class when you’re feeling blah or, oops, you haven’t done your homework.

You don’t want to be simply relieved when you’ve finished your classes at Genesee, you want to be joyful and proud that you’ve completed something pretty amazing in your life.

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