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Spring 2011 Courses in Genesis

This is information for anyone taking Spring 2011 courses at Genesee and you’re looking for the list of your Spring courses.

Oh noes!

It’s not there.

Or… it’s wrong.

What’s there doesn’t go anywhere.

Yup. Working as designed.

Now, an explanation.


Spring 2011 courses will be updated on the My Courses page (where you probably found this link), oh, about December 10. Winter courses will be updated about November 29.

Mostly because there’s nothing to link to. Many of your links will result in something like “There is no content associated with this class.” Nothing there. Echoing chamber at best.

Faculty have not prepared or updated their Blackboard materials at this point and most likely won’t be doing so until about a week before classes start. As a result, before January 10, there’s nothing to look at.

If you need your class schedule, go back to the My Genesis tab, click on “Student Registration” and follow your nose to the schedule there. And make sure the date is after January 18, since you aren’t in classes before then and nothing will show.

If you’re dying to know something, contact the instructor directly.


Your Spring 2011 courses have been loaded into Blackboard. If you don’t know how to get to them, give me a shout or contact Harold and we’ll walk you through it.

2 thoughts on “Spring 2011 Courses in Genesis

  1. hello,
    this is about my course list for spring 2011. I have signed up for four classes but only one of them are on my course list. I am just worried because I received a bill for the four classes, but no other notifications that my courses have been changed.

    • And you’re ahead of me on today’s posting… I’m literally doing the Spring update as I write this …. give it to about 9 am today (Wednesday) and check it again!


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