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Calling Any History Buffs!

Okay, something completely irreverant first. Saw a t-shirt in a catalog that said: “History Buff / I’d Like You Better If You Were Dead.”

Serious thing… Got this in an email and figured I’d share it…. All I know is what is here, check it out!


On behalf of the Historical Society of the Courts of the State of New York we are announcing the 4th Annual David A. Garfinkel Essay Contest. Students enrolled in CUNY and SUNY community colleges from all academic disciplines are welcomed to apply. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could share this opportunity with your students and faculty through your website, publications, e-blasts, etc. Attached is a GarfinkelPoster2011 (PDF File).

The 2011 essay topic is “The Legacy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.” On March 25, 2011, we will mark the centennial of the terrible tragedy that took the lives of 146 young people and led to a movement that resulted in the groundbreaking New York State worker protection legislation.

The first prize winner will be awarded $1,500 and the second prize winner will receive $1,000. The winners will be honored at the Law Day ceremony at Court of Appeals Hall—an event at which the Chief Judge of the State of New York presides and the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Bench and Bar of New York attend.

The essay submission deadline is April 4, 2011. Visit www.nycourts.gov/history for articles and other resources as well the contest rules.

Dan O’Connor
New York State Unified Court System
Office of Public Affairs
(212) 428-5503

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