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Banner Upgrade – Nov 24 thru 29

Over the coming Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Computer Services will be completing a long-anticipated Banner upgrade. We will be moving from Banner 7 to Banner 8, a major upgrade.

Most of you don’t care. Really. It’s an administrative thing for the most part. Banner is the student information system where the college stores your information about classes you’ve taken, bills you’ve paid and whatnot.

Except. You do care.

Starting at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 24, Banner and all Banner related services will not be available. That means no registration, no schedules, no bills (somehow I don’t think that bothers you too much), no transcripts, no grades and no degree audits. The plan is to be done long before 7:00 am on Monday, November 29.

That part is a nuisance.

Along about (maybe) Saturday or (more likely) Sunday, there will be impact on Genesis. Connecting Genesis to Banner is pretty much the last step in the process and as part of that hookup we will need to ‘bounce’ Genesis services. That means we essentially have to turn Genesis off and back on to let it ‘talk’ to the new Banner system.

That also means it interrupts your Blackboard session. Bummer.

As you can tell, we don’t quite know when the Genesis/Blackboard interruptions will happen. Maybe Saturday, more likely Sunday… but no idea when. Shouldn’t be for very long… 10-15 minutes at the most. Unless, and we think this will happen, we need to do it a few times.

::ducks the turkey gizzards you’re throwing at me::

Bottom line: At some point on the weekend, there will be short-term Genesis/Blackboard interruptions. It’s just going to happen. No, we don’t know when. Sorry.

The good news (there’s good news after that?) is that there will be no effect on Exchange or Outlook email or on the web site/Library databases. Oh, yay.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and please be patient with us!

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