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NaNoWriMo Update

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Well, as of the close of business on Thanksgiving Day – Day 25 of NaNoWriMo, I’ve just cracked 29,000 words.

On the other hand, if I were doing a real NaNoWriMo, my goal would be 50,000 words and I’d be staring at doing 21,000 words over the next 5 days. Since that’s not going to happen, glad it wasn’t a goal.
Story number one is pretty much complete at about 25,000 words. I’ve sent it off for ‘beta’ reading…. someone else to read it and find any glaring problems with it. I have two very lovely beta readers who will actually be fairly kind — they will look for and tell me about glaring problems, huge plot holes, make some minor suggestions but pretty much leave the story as is. If I were really interested in doing some major editing, I’d sent it off to a different beta reader… she’d really dig into it and give me an amazing amount of feedback. But it’s not that kind of a story, it doesn’t need to be honed to that level of writing.
Story number two now has a plot. Which is helpful when writing… it helps to have an idea. I was ‘talking’ out loud to one of the beta people and in explaining what I’m writing about it helps me to develop the story line. I don’t normally work from an outline but knowing where the story is going does help to get it written.
So, a late night posting on a holiday…. tomorrow is dedicated to writing story number two in hopes of getting a lot of words done. No where near the 10,000 words I’d need to do to have a shot at a ‘real’ NaNoWriMo but I’ll be happy with 5.000 words. Goals are good… let’s see what tomorrow brings….
Enjoy the weekend!

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