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Public Announcements in Cases of Inclement Weather

Now that we’ve had our first brush with snow in Western New York this past weekend, this is very appropriate information.

In the case of inclement weather causing delays, cancellations, and/or closings, first proceed to the Genesee Community College web site (http://www.genese.edu) for accurate and up-to-date informationAs a secondary source of information, public announcements will be made on TV and radio stations which are listed below. 

Please note:  Each Campus may make independent decisions depending upon local situations and conditions. That is, closings at one campus will have no direct impact on another campus.

WBTA AM 1490                                 Batavia

WBEN AM 930                                   Buffalo
WTSS FM 102.5                                 ”
WKSE FM 98.5                                   ”
WGR AM 550                                     ”
WGRZ-TV Channel 2                       Buffalo

WHAM AM 1180                               Rochester
The Drive FM 100.5                         ”
Kiss FM 106.7                                     ”
Sunny 102.3                                        ”
Snap 107.3                                          ”
Hot Talk AM 1280                             ”
The Fox 95.1                                       ”
WHAM TV Channel 13                   Rochester

WCJW AM 1140                                Warsaw

WYSL AM 1040                                  Livonia

WDNY AM 1400                                Dansville

WSPQ AM 1330                                 Springville 

In cases of major closings, the primary message on the college phone system at 585-343-0055 will be changed to reflect the situation. Listen to the entire message for information.

In addition, notices will be posted:

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