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CIT 2011 – Call for Presentations

CIT has a new-ish name and, therefore, a newish logo. Rather than being the “Conference on Instructional Technology” — CIT is now the “Conference on Instruction and Technology” — a subtle but important change.

The emphasis is on instruction not just the technology. These days, technology is mostly a given. How does technology now shape your teaching, how do you use technology to improve your students’ learning…. what do you do in the real or virtual classroom that helps your students succeed?

Come and tell the world! Or, well, tell all of New York State. CIT 2011 will be at SUNY Oneonta (where it all started 20 years ago!) on May 24-27, 2011. This is an amazing conference where you get to meet with other practitioners and talk about what it is you do. There’s lots to share and lots to learn!

Your options include: Presentations, Panels, Demos, Workshops, Posters and Birds of a Feather.  “Presentations” are 30 minute sessions… if you can’t talk in front of a group for 30 minutes, you’re in the wrong business. Here’s the link to the CIT web site. Check it out!

Never presented at a conference before? The “Poster” option may be the one for you. You create, literally, a poster of some sort that illustrates your information and you hang around to see if anyone has any questions. Yup. That simple. If you’re not so sure about that ‘poster’ part, give a shout and I’ll show you mine from last year. Watch the blog for a few more days and I’ll post more about that poster here!

Conference fees this year will be $200 for the full conference. This includes the conference, vendor exhibits and meals! Travel and lodging are on your own but there’s always very inexpensive dormitory housing available.

Presenters get $100 off the conference fee, so if your presentation gets accepted (and most of them do!), it will only cost you $100 to attend CIT! And, as an added bonus, Bob Knipe and I have a small stash of funds that if you do present at CIT, we’ll help you with that other $100. So all it costs is travel.

And even the travel can be really inexpensive since there are a handful of us that go regularly and we’re more than willing to take you with us, if you can travel on our schedule. (I go early — on Monday –and leave on Friday afternoon, so I’m there for the entire conference.)

If you have questions, need help organizing your abstract or want to just talk about presenting at a conference, do ask! Deadline for proposals is January 24 — that will come up too fast! Do it now!

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