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Last Day of Classes

Not sure if I should put a happy or sad face here…. it’s nice for a semester to be over… but it’s also like another semester has passed and not sure where to go from there.

Oh, well.

Let’s see, more random thoughts…. (are there any other kind?)

  • It’s cold outside. I even broke out the cold-weather winter coat. At 18 degrees and a promise of snow by the time I’m going home from work, I want all the help I can get.
  • It’s only the middle of December and I’m already tired of driving in the snow. There’s a lot of winter driving still in my future.
  • Exams start tomorrow (Tuesday). Make sure you know where to go and what time.
  • Return those Library books!
  • The Computer Labs will be open ‘break hours’ starting tomorrow. We’re open until 6 pm Tuesday thru Thursday and then until 4 pm for all of the break. And closed on Saturdays.

Huh. All I got today… Have to think about more later…. Stay warm!

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