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CIT – Doing a Poster

Two weeks ago, I reminded you about the CIT 2011 conference that will be at SUNY Oneonta on May 24-27, 2011.

One of the presentation options I talked about was the ‘poster’ option. Where you… make a poster.

Now, there are ‘poster’ sessions that use technology, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to take something that maybe is a niche topic, or something that’s an experiment or something that simply works best in teeny groups. Any or all of those are perfect for a poster presentation.

This is a picture of my poster from CIT 2010 in Plattsburgh. It was about the EDF 221 Instructional Design 2 class, so I consider that something of a niche. It’s faculty development, Genesee style, and worth talking about. In addition, when I was writing the abstract we hadn’t even met once yet. Therefore, as a Work In Progress, the Poster option was the best.

Click for bigger!

To go with the poster, I had a one page handout that primarily had my name and contact information. If you’ve been to conferences, you know that at some point you have too much ‘stuff’ to really go through it all after. Me? I barely take the ‘stuff’ anymore and throw most of it out before I head home (especially important if I’m traveling by plane anywhere!) A single sheet of paper with the title of the presentation, a paragraph of summary (to remind someone why they took the paper in the first place) and contact information. That’s all you need.

For this, you get 50% off the conference fee! Some years, I talk myself hoarse with a number of folk who have questions and some years I’m bored to tears since no one stops by. No big deal either way. It’s an effort to share something you think is interesting but you’re not sure how many other people will be interested enough to come to a presentation. The poster is way more interactive and folk can ask what they want right up front.

Think about it. The CIT web site is here and you have until January 24, 2011 to put in your abstract. An additional reminder; if you get your submission accepted, Bob Knipe and I have some funds to help you with the other $100 of the registration fee. So you can attend CIT 2011 for the cost of travel and housing.

If you have questions, do ask!

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