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Table Woes and PAD

Well, I always forget that WordPress doesn’t really like to do tables. Not dining room table things… tables for layout of information.

I had this really cool plan to put the January 2011 PAD schedule on a ‘page’ here. It’s ephemeral enough that this is a good place to put it. But fighting with the table code and the layout that eventually got sideways wasn’t quite worth the work.

Like this:

Table cell Another cell

I had to go into the HTML editor and code that by hand to get even that much. I thought I had a work-around but once I got more than an hour into it and it still wasn’t right, I figured I’d quit and do it another way. It’s not bad, not just what I wanted to do… ::bummed::

But I figured I posted enough information about Student Activities events during the semester that faculty and staff were entitled to some time for them.

For the new folk, PAD is “Professional Activities Days” where a series of workshops and meetings are offered for… professional development. (You saw that coming, didn’t you?)

Wednesday is targeted at adjunct faculty. There is open Blackboard training, Smart Classroom training, discipline meetings with others in the same content area, dinner (free food!) and an Orientation for new adjuncts. It’s an opportunity to meet with folk you only ‘talk’ to on email and also a chance to get any problems straightened out.

Thursday and Friday are the big meeting days, since all full-time faculty are required to be on campus those days. Thursday morning will be particularly bittersweet since it will probably be the last time Dr. Steiner gives his State of the College address.

Lots more happening… to see the schedule go to Genesis (http://genesis.genesee.edu) — DO NOT LOG IN — the link to the full schedule is right on the front of that page. Click on the image to make it larger…

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