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Grades are Now Available!

Report CardFrom the Records Office at 10:18 am!


Fall 2010 grade processing is complete.

Students can view their grades and cumulative info on Genesis.  

Student questions regarding grades should be directed to the instructor.

Academic Probation has also been run. 

Students who pre-registered for courses and after Fall ‘10 grading didn’t meet the pre-req, will be informed that their schedules have been revised.

 Degree Evaluations can now be done.

Transcripts can now be sent if they are not waiting on degree info.

Dean’s & President’s lists will be run in approximately 2 weeks.


Now. Let me tell you how special this really is.

My friend Judie goes to Brockport and faculty don’t have to turn in grades until December 28 and, if she’s lucky, she’ll see her Fall grades before the end of the year.

My other friend David goes to UB and he tells me grades aren’t even due until December 31 and heaven only knows when he will see his Fall grades.

If you need help finding your grades, check this out.

Hope your grades are better than you hoped!

4 thoughts on “Grades are Now Available!

  1. ok, I give up. How do I find my GPA grade please. Am still waiting for Mr. Harter, ENG 100 instructor to post test final to no avail. He hasn’t opened my blackboard at all during the semester. Have already sent email with no reply yet Still waiting.

    • Your GPA is probably on your transcript. Look through the menu options for the link to the transcript and see if it’s there.

      Some instructors never use Blackboard. It’s not a requirement. But I know Mr. Harter and he’s usually pretty good about getting back to students who have questions. I’ll send you an email directly so we can discuss any personal questions you have offline.


      • Did they change when the Dean’s & President’s lists were going to be run, or am I just looking in the wrong places?

      • They were supposed to be run about now, you are correct. But, huh, I don’t know where they actually post that except in a News release (and I just looked and there isn’t one yet).

        I’ll poke around and if I find anything I’ll put up another reply — in case anyone else is interested.

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