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Banner Downtime – Dec 31 thru Jan 3

In order to complete some required end-of-the-year updates, Banner will be offline from noon on Friday, December 31 through about 7 am on Monday, January 3.

This means over the New Year’s weekend, there will be no access to:

  • tuition payments
  • grades
  • registration
  • class lists

Email, Library, Genesis and Blackboard will not be affected by this.

Now, I’m going to jinx the entire process, but based on previous experience, I’d bet that Banner will be back online later Saturday afternoon. But don’t count on it.

If you owe Spring 2011 tuition, do it today (since that’s when it’s due!) or finish up that registration.

Questions? Do ask!

2 thoughts on “Banner Downtime – Dec 31 thru Jan 3

  1. Is this going to also affect the bookstore? I can do everything, EXCEPT order my books online, and just keep getting an error message, which I have been getting for days!

    • At this point, I’d suggest you call the bookstore and ask them. The Banner upgrade should not have affected the bookstore ordering and if you’re still having problems, contact the folk there.

      Best I got!

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