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Books, Supplies and Meal Vouchers

From Joe Bailey in the Financial Aid Office:

If you wish to use your excess financial assistance to purchase your books and related supplies at the Bookstore and/or a meal plan with AVI, you must first authorize the use of your financial aid for this purpose.

To do so, you much get into the Financial Aid Information menu that’s located under the Student Services menu of Genesis. Click on My Award Information and you will see a button for Authorize Funds for Bookstore use. Select the appropriate term, read the disclosure, click the appropriate buttons and select submit.

If you fail to do so, you will not be able to access a bookstore and/or meal voucher.


In addition, Financial Aid and the Business Office will be having a ‘one stop’ shop in the Forum of the Batavia Campus the first few days of classes. You would think I would have dates, wouldn’t you?  ::grin:: But staff from both the Financial Aid Office and the Business Office will be in one place to help with all of this.

I’ll find those dates and post that again next week when someone really needs to know.

On the other hand, offices are open this week, stop in now and get this resolved before classes (and the lines!) start.

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