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Technical Orientation – The Recording!

Beam me up, Scotty!

Yesterday, we had a great webinar for our Technical Orientation for the Spring semester! Thanks to those that helped and hope everyone who participated learned something useful.

If you were not able to attend, there is a recording of the webinar available. Look up on this page at “Technical Orientation” and click on it. There’s a link there to the 50 minute session that you can watch when you need to.

Today’s post is a tad later in the day than usual, I spent the morning in Arcade with new students and the Orientation they had. It was a good group and, again, we got a lot done.

One more campus center orientation tomorrow (Thursday) in Albion (knock wood on the snow)and then the big Technical Orientation on Saturday, starting at 9 am. Details again on the Technical Orientation page.

While officially there’s a ‘drop in’ orientation next Thursday in T207 in Batavia, we’re always available in T207 to help, even well after the semester starts.

Classes now start in 6 days! Meep! I’m not ready!

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